Suburban Furnace Motor (SF-42/SF-42F) 233103MC

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Product Overview

Suburban Furnace Motor (SF-42/SF-42F) 233103MC

M C Enterprises is a supplier of after-warranty parts for recreational vehicle appliances. We have expanded our RV appliance parts lines beyond refrigerators to features furnaces, water heaters, and stoves. These parts follow strict federal and state regulations, guaranteeing our customers access to the most reliable products possible. Our company specializes in offering quality, direct-replacement products. Once the appliance’s warranty period is over, you have the option of buying your parts from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or from M C Enterprises.

Motor fits:

SF-42 42F (2 1 2 INCH MOTOR)


  • Offering Quality, Direct-Replacement Products
  • Expertly Made From Premium Material
  • Developed To Provide Steady Performance And Reliability
  • Built To Match Your Exact Requirement
  • No Supplier Warranty


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