Why Won't My Suburban Range Oven Stay Lit?

Nov 27th 2020

Here is another very common problem most RVers face with their Suburban range. The oven will light and heat up and then the burner and pilot will shut off. Unfortunately there are a few … read more
Magnesium vs Aluminum Anode Rod

Magnesium vs Aluminum Anode Rod

Oct 26th 2020

A very common question pertaining to Suburban water heaters is which anode rod to choose and why are there two? Anode rods are designed to deteriorate inside your tank rather than your tank … read more

Suburban Ignition Control Module Board

Jul 8th 2019

Ignition control module board 521099 is a genius move for Suburban. It is the same board for all 12v furnace models. It does not cover the AC power but one board for all furnaces? … read more

Why is my Suburban Appliance Clicking?

May 31st 2019

One very common issue that leaves many people scratching their heads is when any Suburban appliance, whether it be a water heater, furnace or cook top, just clicks when trying to i … read more widget logo