Why won't my Suburban propane furnace ignite!!

We've all been there, and there's nothing more obnoxious than a furnace that won't light. Knowing how the system works is the first step to diagnosing your problem, so let's run through that briefly:

Most likely your furnace has a DSI (Direct Spark Ignition) or a Piezo ignition, which is a manual ignition much like a grill. When your thermostat tells the furnace that it has gotten too cold, the gas valve opens and LP (Liquid Propane) travels through the burner orifice and into the burner assembly where your ignition system ignites the propane. There could be several different causes for this chain of events not occurring properly, so below we will cover a checklist of what your issue may be.

1. Power. Check that no breakers have blown and your furnace is receiving at least 10.5V or the valve may not open.

2. Make sure no fuses have blown in the system itself.

3. Verify that you have sufficient propane and enough pressure for the system to operate. If your stove or other propane appliances are not functioning properly, this could be the issue.

If these things all check out, there may be an issue with your Suburban control board. It may not be telling all features to fire in proper sequence or timing. If you are still having issues, tell us! We would love to help you solve your puzzle.