Why is my Suburban Appliance Clicking?

One very common issue that leaves many people scratching their heads is when any Suburban appliance, whether it be a water heaterfurnace or cook top, just clicks when trying to ignite and does not always complete the task. This is most likely due to an issue with your gas flow. The clicking sound is your control board sending the signal to your igniter and the igniter arching but receiving no fuel. The first thing to check, although it may seem obvious, is that there is gas left in your tank. Next, follow the line to your regulator and check this for proper flow. Lastly, ensure that all components in your unit are allowing the gas to flow all the way out of your burner and orifice. The most common issue here is a dirty burner or burner orifice. These can be cleaned much of the time but sometimes they require replacement. Fuel, air and spark, always check the main components to combustion first! Good luck and happy camping!